These Hands Were Made for Making

Beautiful hand made turkish tea set from Instanbul.

We found this beautiful tea set on a trip to Istanbul as a part of our Da Notare inspiration journey. We fell in love with this piece because of its intricate detail. An absolutely stunning piece, and the work of a visibly talented artisan.

People tend to gravitate towards handmade goods. Handmade is often associated with quality and craftsmanship, authenticity, and originality.

Handmade goods help bridge a connection between the article’s creator and the recipient of the good. To appreciate handmade is to appreciate the skills that went into creating that piece. A handmade item tells a story about the individual who made that item – it tells us about the creator’s passion, and skills. It can show us that the creator is patient, and puts great care into his or her masterpiece. It shows us that the item that we now possess was made with love.

Delicious handmade rose & pistachio chocolate bark.

Delicious handmade rose & pistachio chocolate bark.

We also love handmade articles because they tend to engage our senses, whether it’s our sense of sight, sound, touch, taste or smell (or perhaps multiple senses all at once!).

To some, the appreciation for a handmade item is similar to that of receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. In a world where technology has made it possible to communicate with anyone in the world instantaneously – the handwritten letter is a rarity, but a welcome rarity for many.

Handmade paper and envelope with stunning texture.

Handmade paper and envelope with stunning texture.

Like handmade goods, a handwritten letter shows that time, care and thought went into it, and it makes the recipient feel special.

Above all, handmade goods have a special place in our hearts because we know that they are one-of-a-kind since no two items can be identical.

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